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renovation apartement Paris

Restoration apartment
real renovation 

Your accommodation , apartment, house , studio needs a serious facelift ? Outdated decor, organization of living rooms inappropriate, volume of lost roofs , obsolete bathroom and electricity outside the norm ?



FP-Renovation Specialist business renovating housing, property restoration all trades in Paris and the Ile-de-France offers its housing renovation services :

Haussmann Paris apartment , home, studio :

Demolition , electrical, plumbing , carpentry, masonry , staff, painting and interior design.




FP RENOVATION accompagnies you in the design and the realization of your home improvement projects, all types of accommodation : renovation of old apartment in Paris Haussmann , home renovation or studio :


Paris et Banlieue

Housing renovation paris - staffiste
renovation company paris - fp-renovation
renovatrion paris accommodation - Mason
Housing renovation paris - painter
paris housing renovation - wood floor
Renovation apartment paris - tiler
  • Interior decoration and architecture

  • Study (s) technique ( s) and Project Costing - detailed estimate

  • Implementation - Implementation phase

Trades in the housing renovation company :

tiler , bricklayer , painter , electrician ...

The team, Section Architecture

the interior designer Paris
Architect d'interior
architect paris renovation

A human-sized company



Our company consists of qualified professionals for each trades ( electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry , tiling ... ) framed and driven by its two founders.


Our complementary combining aesthetics to technology, we can offer you realistic and original solutions , respectful of your home .

Qualified professionals, renovated restoration


Renovation apartement,house, studio

Turnkey project

Conseils, solutions techniques, mise en plan, devis détaillé



Advice , technical solutions , implementation plan detailed estimate


Realization of apartment renovations with our team specialized in property restoration RENOVATION FP is a company remodeling all trades based in PARIS . We take care of all of your apartment restoration work and deliver your turnkey project 


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